F2P Action/Multiplayer
Game / Level Designer (Dec 2015 - Aug 2017)
Competitive sci-fi combat/building multiplayer free-to-play game.
Gameplay summary:

Build your ships from blocks and fight against other players in 7v7 PvP capture arenas across 3 maps. Pick one of the classes (Frigate, Cruiser, Battleship and Destroyer) and research all the blocks to build your ultimate ship. Every class has its own role in the team.


Level Design

  • Creating maps from paper layouts to blockouts prototype and final polishing with cooperation with artists and other designers
  • Organizing playtesting sessions and iterating maps based on the feedback
  • Placing collectibles, power-ups, spawn points and game objectives
  • Placing navigations points for AI bots

Game Design

  • Owner of GDD for social features: chat, friend system and party play
  • Owner of GDD for retention features: achievements, daily quests, player profiles and leaderboards
  • Owner of GDD for sounds: preparing all documentation for implementation of sounds from game and level design perspective. Close collaboration with sound designer.

Galactic Junk League design process

We started designing level with paper prototype where we set basic design goals and gameplay expectations. We needed to define:

  • How long it should take to reach capture points from spawn for different classes?
  • How long it should take to travel across whole level?
  • What is the role for each class on this map?
  • How far are capture points from each other?
  • Where to place point upgrades and repair kits?

After answering those question we drow first draft with capture points (C1,C2,C3), spawning areas for both team (S1,S2) and distances.

Then we placed repair kits and Point upgrades (when player picks the point upgrade and his/her team hold that point, it will improve defence – upgrades are protection wall, invisible mines and portal tunel from spawn point).


We also set what should be the “ideal route” for every class and vantage (sniping) points for Destroyer etc.

Then I created meshblock map and started playtesting/iteration process. After finishing final meshblock map art team started working on level.

Gameplay video with bots made by Stoic Steve

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