Hi I'm Robert

I am a Level Designer based in Bratislava, Slovakia, currently working at Pixel Federation.

I’ve always loved creating my own worlds since I was a kid playing with LEGO, so I am happy now that this is a part of my job. As a Level Designer I want to create the best gameplay experience for players. My goal is to design appealing, exciting and accessible environments and spaces.  

I have 5 years experience working in game industry. Besides Level and Game design I worked as a tester and in my work I sometimes touch other fields like game UX, UI wireframes etc. I think these experiences have also strengthened my skills in a Level Design.

I approach work responsibly with pragmatic point of view and I can easily adapt to changes. I enjoy working with a team of creative people where we can share ideas and learn from each others.

What I like

  • Video & Board Games
  • Books
  • Movies
  • Travelling
  • Soccer
  • Music
  • Analog Photography
  • Hiking and Running
The books I read:
The music I listened to:
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