Personal work - a level design exercise
PC Windows
Unreal Tournament Editor
Tools used:
Multiplayer map for Unreal Tournament with open central area. Inspired by Crossfire map from Half Life.

Design process

The basic idea behind design of this map was to create an open central area with tower in middle and with several rooms connected to each other around this central space. Every room has a connection with the central space and it is possible to run in circles around it.

I wanted to prevent the possibility that in this area a player can always hide from enemies. Therefore I made two traverse points open.

Point one – balcony on the right side:

Point two:

Here a player can choose from two different paths. Path one is shorter and more direct way. Path two leads through the room on the left side where a player can pick up a Link Gun.

The main focal point is the tower in the central area, from which a player can access almost every room. On the top of the tower I placed rocket launcher spawn. To get to the tower top or room on the opposite side a player can use a jump pad which is the fastest way. ( )

From sniper spot player can control almost whole map but also he/she is highly exposed.

Top down view of map with weapon placements:

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