Personal work - a level design exercise
PC Windows
Unreal Engine 4.20
Tools used:
Supergrid Starter Pack
A small linear level set in sewers with focus on how to guide a player through the environment and framing

Design process

The main goal for this small project was to create a no-combat area where a player must overcome obstacles. To guide a player through the area I set clear navigational elements with pipes, objects and lights. I also created two blueprints for this level – automated doors and gate/light activated by the button in control room.

I started project with collecting reference pictures and designing a pen&paper prototype, which I iterated several times during blockmesh phase.

IMG_20190210_132715 (1)

The next steps were to test the pen&paper ideas in a blockmesh prototype. To build up a scene I used Supergrid pack in Unreal Engine. I wanted to navigate a player by pipes on the ceiling because it is a natural element in this kind of environment and pipes are easily adjustable to any direction.

Dark room on the picture below is a dead-end small corridor. It is there to make a feeling that space is a little bit bigger and also it can be a place for a small loot.

Lights and objects on the floor points toward the direction when player should go. Left side is a dead-end.

When a player enters the main room it must be clear what his/her goal is. In this case it is the gate on the other side. I tried to frame the gate by using pillars and a stash of pipes which created some kind of arrows pointing to the gate. There is also a different light colour which symbolize exit.

Furthermore, next to the gate is a place where pipes end, this can work as a clue for the player where he/she should go.

When a player reached the gate, he/she needs to find out how to open it. Control panel is in the control room, light above this room has the same colour as the gate light which should also work as a connection for the player.

The view from the control room is situated towards the gate. Thus, when a player press the green button he/she gets immediate feedback.

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