Personal work - a level design exercise
PC Windows
Unreal Engine 4.22
Tools used:
Supergrid Starter Pack
Level prototype inspired by Metro games.


The main goal for a player is to steal a van and runaway from the bandits camp, which is situated in old bus terminal. Player needs to leave metro station, traverse the street under the destroyed highway bridge and reach the bus terminal. Bus terminal is occupied by bandits. Player can choose from two options – to fight or sneak around them. Van is parked on third platform which player can reach through an upper bridge.

Diagram (2)

Color language

Green – cover

Brown/white – railings

Red – enemies/danger

Grey – floor/roof

White-ish – walls

Black – blockade/debris 

Orange/green – highlighted route


When a player leaves the metro station, he/she can see the next goal – Bus terminal. A destroyed bridge together with a metro station exit create a frame directing a player attention to the bus terminal. Placement of blocks and objects on the street points to the left side where is a correct path.

Player then must climb over the fence where will be fireplace which attracts player attention. On the left side there is a dead end, ideal placement for small loot.


Top view of no-combat area in front of the bus terminal with highlighted route for player.  Four boxes on the right side are food/newspaper booths where loot can be placed.


In the bus terminal a player can fight with bandits or he/she can use the stealth approach to avoid them. There are several options how to traverse the station.



Green line – a player sneaks behind the cover and uses the ladder through the hole in the floor to climb on the second floor. To avoid enemy he/she can use the next room with destroyed wall and stun the bandit from behind.





Red line – a player sneaks through a something, what was originally a restaurant (few bandits camp there), and uses the stairs  



Yellow line –  a player can hide in booths and reach the ladder in the opposite corner.



The mission goal and direction inside the station is highlighted by brighter lights and warmer colour tone  

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